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Kari Stenson, President
Black Bridge Brewery

Shawn Moen, Secretary
9 Mile Legacy Brewing

Grant Frew - Director at Large
Bushwakker Brewpub

Dave Freeman - Director at Large
Pile O' Bones Brewing Co.

13 Breweries, 1 Beer

This is a wonderfully hoppy but balanced pale ale you'll want to put in your belly this spring! Available from collaborating breweries, Sobey's and Co-op starting Friday, April 21st! SLGA will have stock the following week so head down to support your local venue and be one of the first to taste our brainchild! Get a preview on Regina CTV morning tomorrow after 8:30 a.m.

Where to buy

Winston's Pub (21st Street Brewery)

9 Mile Legacy

Paddock Wood Brewery

Co-op Liquor Store

Silver's Market

Rebellion Breweing

Malty National Brewing

Bushwakker Brewpub


Beer Bros


Pile O' Bones Brewing

Sobey's Liquor

Nokomis Craft Ales

Black Bridge Brewery

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